Editorial Team Status - 4/25

The policy editors would like to update the working group on its status 

1) AI 277 & 278
2) issue 3989

1) editors have taken these actions on and 278 was closed on 4/18
277- target date May 1

2) propose this plan for addressing issue 3989
Plan for delivering the next Working Draft of the Guidelines Document:

Goal: apply the model, update the Guidelines document with the following:

1) Include a List of Best Practices  Statements in the beginning of the 
based on 
2) A restructured Guidelines document with each  best practice statement 
formatted according to  model proposal ( 2nd bullet)
support in CVS for template complete 
model proposal from IBM & MS (
3) New text in the Guidelines document  for new best practice statements
        (see appendix A map in #1 for list of new guidelines)

and deliver to the Working group

4) a summary of the changes 
5) a new working draft and a diff 
Item 1 and 2a is complete       (thank you felix)
Item 2b  is addressed by a series of editorial actions ( 227-234) and is 
in progress
Item 3
        task A--has been started ( Asir has an action item to produce a 
strawman for which section the new guidelines should be included in)
        task B-- once sections are identified, the owner of the section 
will then update the section with the new text in the new format
Item 4 
        each section owner will write up a paragraph summarizing the 
changes to that section and these will be included with the delivery 
        of the working draft to the WG
Item 5
        this will follow our "normal" process of producing working drafts 
and will include tagging the new version, including statements in the 
        log, and generating a diff of this version against the last 
working draft as well as sending a mail to the working group which
        includes the change summary, and a pointer to the diff and the new 
working draft
Target completion of 1 & 2 is 4/25
Target completion of 3a  is 4/25
Target completion of 3b is TBD
Target completion of 4 is May 16
Target completion of 5 is May 21

Received on Wednesday, 25 April 2007 14:00:50 UTC