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>ACTION-276 Asir to respond to Doug and propose scenarios
>paragraph to clarify negative test scenarios.

Thank you for a concrete proposal.

We are wondering if the test description could be simpler by dropping phrases or words such as error, action, corrective action, generation of fault, attempting to fix, invalid, etc. Here is a suggested editorial revision (no changes to content):

"7. Negative Testcases

The Round 4 Negative Test directory contains a set of non-conformant policy expressions. These are WS-Policy unit test cases. Implementations are expected to attempt to normalize these expressions and detect non-conformance. A detected non-conformance is considered to be a successful outcome."


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I decided to draft up a possible solution for this issue - add a new section 7 as follows:
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7. Negative Testcases
As part of this round of testing a set of WS-Policy expressions will be provided. Each one will be invalid in some way. Implementations will be expected to attempt to Normalize each expression and detect that there is an error.  It is beyond the scope of this document to define what action each implementation needs to take, however, a successful result will be considered to be achieved if some kind of corrective action is taken. Some possible actions might include: generation of a fault or attempting to fix the expression so it is no longer invalid.
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NEW ISSUE: Round4 negative tests

The round4 doc [1] mentions negative tests but doesn't actually says what's involved.  We can assume that we're supposed to try to Normalize the xml files and that the engine MUST (should?) fail in some way - but it would be nice if the doc stated this so that everyone knows what "success" means.


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