Re: NEW ISSUE: New Attribute keyword to identify 'local' policies #3721

Daniel Roth wrote:
> One of the conclusions of the WS-Policy interop workshop held in 
> Germany was that even if a policy expression contains an unrecognized 
> policy assertion tools can issue a warning and ignore it. 

At the interop workshop we only tested very simple scenarios where the 
client would read the policy of a service. I don't think we have assured 
that this model can still work in more complex scenarios with multiple 
actors that are aware of policy and policies attached to various entities.

> However, these warning are annoying and alarming to customers, so 
> implementers should avoid leaking out local config assertions.

I agree if these assertions only have a meaning to the entity to which a 
policy is attached. But you might e.g. have service brokers that 
understand only those assertions that are necessary for their operation, 
while the actual services and clients have a richer vocabulary. Or you 
might have service assertions that are proprietary to a vendor and only 
have a meaning for the web service clients from that vendor.


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