update on wsdl draft?


I'm waiting for an ack to send the new draft to the working group.

since this doc is only an editor's draft ( at least that's what appears on 
the web page)
I'm assuming I just take the latest draft and do a diff and send it.....

Prasad, Asir is that the precedent?
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Frederick Hirsch <frederick.hirsch@nokia.com> 
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WS-Policy-Editors Call Minutes 2007-03-07

(1) The draft minutes from today's editors call are at


The title needs to be corrected.

(2) Administrative

F2F Editors meetings:
Wed 14th March during lunch
Thur 15th March 3pm , regrets from Toufic and Maryann for this 
session (but not Wed).
Chair Asir, Scribe Maryann and Prasad, Reporter of this call to F2F: 

This teleconference time and schedule will not be changed.

(3) EI draft

David Orchard will deliver EI draft incorporating AI 177 and 178 by 
end of day tomorrow (Thur 8 March)
Maryann will deliver to work group Friday 9 March

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

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