agenda for editor meeting 3/7

Duration: 1hour -  2pm-3pm Eastern
Dial-in: See

Zakim------- The code is 3348 (617-761-6200)

Proposed Agenda:
1. Administrative
    a. Next week’s roles for f2f:
       Chair –??
       Scribe - ??
  b. Editorial Team Report: Frederick (will deliver on WG call today)- any 

  c. Last call’s Minutes:

2.  Frederick's item

I would like to add an item for discussion during the Administrative 
topic of next week's call (and on the list before).

Is it possible to change the time of the WS-Policy Editors call to be 
1 hour later, say 3-4 ET (12-1 PT) on Wed. The reason is that I now 
have a conflicting call at the current time that I cannot reschedule.

3. Open Editors Action Items (status Review):

ACTION- 100 - all
ACTION 153 - Asir
ACTION 161-  Dave O
ACTION 169 - Prasad
ACTION 173 - Asir
ACTION 175 - Prasad
ACTION 176 - Dave O
[I'll take the item.  I doubt I'll finish before the next telcon]

3.Agenda for F2F 

4. NEW Editorial Actions from this week’s WG Conference Call ? 
5. AOB?


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