WS-Policy Features and Interop Scenarios - Round 4



As discussed on the call today, the UDDI scenarios are now integrated into
the Test Scenarios document for Round 4.

The "WS-Policy Test Scenarios - Round 4" document will (eventually) contain
all the Round 4 test cases including the following:


1.	Scenario 20 - application/wspolicy+xml media type
2.	Scenario 22 - URI domain expression + IRI References for WSDL 20
3.	Scenario 23 - URI domain expression + WSDL 11 Element Identifiers
4.	Scenarios 37-42 - UDDI Scenarios
5.	Scenario 43 - Negative test cases as applicable to Round 4


Of the above list, only UDDI scenarios are currently present in the


The "WS-Policy Test Scenarios - Round 4" document is now owned by the
Editors and is checked into the WS-Policy CVS work space at:


Here is a direct link to the Word version: WS-Policy-Scenarios-Round4.doc

And a direct link to the PDF version: WS-Policy-Scenarios-Round4.pdf


Here is a summary of changes in the document, from the UDDI alone version:


- Inserted W3C license text up front

- Reorganized the doc to be suitable for all round 4 tests

- Updated introduction etc. to be more generic

- Numbered all UDDI test cases

- Fixed document date (was Feb 2006)

- Added all editors to the list


I have also created a "Round4" sub-directory that will hold all the test
input and output files for the Round 4, 

very much like what is already present for Rounds 1, 2 and 3 at this point.



Prasad Yendluri




Received on Thursday, 1 March 2007 00:50:13 UTC