Term definition generation works

Hi all,

I finished my action item on the generation of glossaries. Please have a

The following is important if you want to change terms in the attachment

For terms in the attachment document which are defined in the framework
document, the attachment document contains copies of the definitions in
the terminology section. For example the term "policy":

 <p><termdef id='policy' term='policy'>A <term>policy</term> is a
collection of <termref def='policy_alternative'>policy
alternatives</termref>. </termdef></p>

If you want to use an additional term from the framework doc, just add it
in the terminology section. The modified extract-glist.xsl handles the
terms in this section specifically.

extract-glist.xsl relies on the document name "ws-policy-framework.html"
to generate references from the attachment document to the definitions in
the framework document. This name is taken from an entity frameworkdoc ,
which I will modify before WD publication.

I also modified xmlspec-policy.xsl , to filter out the copies of the
definitions in the terminology section before HTML generation.


Received on Sunday, 10 September 2006 19:15:25 UTC