Re: Glossary for editor's copy ready

David Orchard wrote:

> Right, I think that the attachment doc should not have the definitions
> inline that it does..  They should all be sourced from the glossary
> extract. 

this works *for now*, see;%20charset=iso-8859-1#Glossary

However, now this uses no automatic generation, since that avoids double
definitions only if the terms policy, policy alternative, policy
assertion, policy expression, policy subject, policy scope and policy
attachment are not defined in sec. 2.3.

I see two solutions to have an automatic generation again:
1) The editors take an action item to define the terms inline elsewhere
(does not make much sense, IMO, since they are from the framework doc)
2) We define an entity like "termsFromFramework" which contains these
terms and which is included automatically.

What do you prefer? Anyway, this is not urgent for your report to the
WG, we can handle it later.


> I'm running short on time today, can you do that change?  If not, I'll
> get to it tomorrow before doing the email to the WG.
> Cheers,
> Dave
>> For the attachment document, it looks a kind of strange, 
>> since many definitions are already here.
>> Felix
>>> Cheers,
>>> Dave
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>>>> Subject: Glossary for editor's copy ready
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Using extract-glist.xsl from Norm, I did the following:
>>>> - added a task "glossaries" to the build.xml file . It creates 
>>>> glossary-framework.xml and glossary-attachment.xml using 
>>>> extract-glist.xsl . The "validate-policy-specs" task depends on 
>>>> "glossaries".
>>>> - added the entities
>>>> <!ENTITY glossary-framework SYSTEM "glossary-framework.xml"> and 
>>>> <!ENTITY glossary-attachment SYSTEM "glossary-attachment.xml"> to 
>>>> entities.dtd .
>>>> - added for these entity calls to ws-policy-framework.xml and 
>>>> ws-policy-attachment.xml .
>>>> To run this, you have to check out the new build.xml , 
>> entities.dtd 
>>>> and extract-glist.xsl . That's it.
>>>> Felix

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