RE: Issue 252 (reopen)


> There is yet a third way of accomplishing the same goal, by 
> keeping the annotation component but using an attribute part 
> of the annotation. 

Hm.  I think you are still operating under a slight misconception.  When
you use an extension attribute a la:

<xs:element name="picture" type="myNS:image"

That ***IS*** an annotation.  The purpose of the "attributes" part of
the annotation schema component is precisely so that attributes from
other namespaces have a place to appear in the component model.  So the
element component would look something like:

element {
  name : "picture"
  type : "myNS:image"
  annotation : {
    documentation : {}
    appInfo : {}
    attributes : [
      xmlmime:expectedMediaType : "image/*"

Note that the "documentation" and "appInfo" parts of the annotation
component are empty.  Please reread the example in the schema spec [1],
specifically the paragaph right before section 3.13.3 (along with the
example) for more on this.

Once this becomes clear, I think further consideration of the issue,
except perhaps as a result of feedback from soapbuiders, becomes



Received on Friday, 10 September 2004 22:50:33 UTC