Issue 252 (reopen)

Issue 252[1] has been resolved to use attribute syntax for indicating 
expectedMediaTypes in the schema in the media-types note [2]. Glen also 
sent messages to solicit opinion outside the wg on this topic [3].

The example used in [3] is repeated below for comparison.

<xs:element name="picture" type="myNS:image"

There is yet a third way of accomplishing the same goal, by keeping the 
annotation component but using an attribute part of the annotation. 
Since this option has not been considered, I am bringing it to your 
attention and propose that we reopen the issue. This is new information 
on this topic.

The example is rewritten below.

<xs:element name="picture" type="myNS:image">  
  <xs:annotation xmlmime:expectedMediaType="image/*"/>

This keeps annotation syntax in place, but does not require appInfo 
elements. It also preserves the expectedMediaType as an attribute for 
simplicity. The downside is that one still needs <xs:annotation> tags  
in the schema, if our simplification motivation  is to eliminate them 

FYI, we are working on changes to the note [2] to reflect the resolution 
that has been reached in the F2F [4] as planned. Therefore, if this new 
information changes  the current resolution for Issue 252, then it will 
have to be reflected in the note at a later time.




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Received on Friday, 10 September 2004 22:25:23 UTC