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There are two attributes that are defined which can be used independent 
of each other. xmlmime:acceptedMediaTypes attribute is a schema 
annotation attribute and can only be used in XML schema. But 
xmlmime:contentType attribute can be used independent of the XML schema 
and indicates the media type/content type of the binary element content 
in an XML document.

Given this, do you still think that the title is confusing?


Mark Nottingham wrote:
> The title of the draft, "Assigning Media Types to Binary Data in XML" is 
> misleading, in that it purports to be a *general* solution for 
> associating media types with binary data in XML. This is not true; it 
> requires use of XML Schema mechanisms to assign a media type to binary 
> data.
> As such, this document's title may confuse people who are using another 
> schema language, or are looking for a generic solution that does not 
> require XML Schema. It will also make it difficult to differentiate it 
> from future mechanisms that are actually general.
> To clarify the intent and scope of the document, I suggest the name be 
> changed to something like:
>   "Associating Media Types with Binary Data using XML Schema"
>   "Assigning Media Types to Binary Data in XML using XML Schema"
>   "Using XML Schema to Associate Media Types with Binary Data"
> etc..
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