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RE: What is the SOAP MEP for In-only

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 14:37:30 -0700
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To: "Yalcinalp, Umit" <umit.yalcinalp@sap.com>
Cc: "Liu, Kevin" <kevin.liu@sap.com>, <public-ws-desc-comments@w3.org>

Thank you for your comment, which we tracked as LC102 [1].  The WG
closed this issue by sending request to CG for one-way MEP and adding an
ednote to the spec saying that if a one-way MEP becomes available, we'd
like to default to it for in-only.

If you find this resolution unacceptable please let us know within two

[1] http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/desc/4/lc-issues/issues.html#LC102

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> Subject: What is the SOAP MEP for In-only
> Folks,
> It seems that we have a hole in our specification.
> We were trying to specify a WSDL interface that utilizes a single
> input
> message, i.e. with In-only MEP.
> Currently, per section 2.9.2 of Part3 [1] states the following:
> {
> {soap mep}, a wsdls:anyURI, which is an absolute URI as defined by
> RFC 2396], to the Binding Operation component. The value of this
> property identifies the SOAP Message Exchange Pattern (MEP) for this
> specific operation. If no specific value is assigned, then the value
> assigned by the default rules apply (for SOAP 1.2, see 2.10.3 Default
> Binding Rules). It is an error for this property to not have a value
> (which MAY happen if the default rules are not applicable).
> }
> We then looked at (Section 2.10.3 Default Binding Rules) which says:
> {
> SOAP MEP Selection. If the Interface Operation component's {message
> exchange pattern} property has the value
> "http://www.w3.org/@@@@/@@/wsdl/in-out" then the default value of the
> {soap mep} property for the corresponding Binding Operation component
> is
> "http://www.w3.org/2003/05/soap/mep/request-response/" identifying the
> SOAP Request-Response Message Exchange Pattern as defined in [SOAP 1.2
> Part 2: Adjuncts]. If the Inteface Operation component has any other
> value for the {message exchange pattern} property, then no default
> value
> is defined for the {soap mep} property of the corresponding Binding
> Operation component.
> }
> This means that for an In-only MEP, we have no default SOAP MEP.
> However, it is an error for the property not to have a value.
> This means the user has two choices:
> -- Define a new SOAP MEP for an In-only MEP. Since there is no
> recommended SOAP input MEP that is defined in the SOAP Adjuncts, that
> is
> the only choice for the user. Right?
> -- Use a predefined SOAP MEP, such as request-response. But, this does
> not really match the abstract definition of the operation, as there
> will
> be a response. This means then I will have to change my interface to
> use
> a different MEP, that allows a response. Robust-In?
> What are we really suggesting the community to do in this case?
> This is rather disturbing to us. It is well known that some of our
> MEPs
> may not have corresponding SOAP MEPs or appropriate bindings that may
> be
> addressed by extension mechanisms, but In-only is a common WSD MEP
> that
> the community uses already.
> Did we miss a decision pertaining to this case? We don't think that
> expecting the users to define a new SOAP MEP is acceptable for interop
> purposes as currently the only MEP that is defined with the bindings
> is
> In-Out...
> Thanks.
> --umit and kevin
> [1]
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