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RE: WS-CDL based implementations in TrustCoM

From: Wilson, MD \(Michael\) <M.D.Wilson@rl.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 16:04:06 -0000
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To: "Adomas Svirskas" <adomas@svirskas.com>
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The approach taken in the TrustCoM project is for a person who wishes to
form a Virtual Organisation to define the co-operative business
processes for that VO as UML activity diagrams including annotations for
security, quality, and cost constraints that are enforced through
contracts and SLA. The UML diagrams are refined into a CDL, which in
turn is refined into a BPEL description for each organisation in the VO,
incorporating WSDL interfaces to the other VO member services.

The responsibilities within the TrustCoM project are:

UML to CDL - Jurgen Doser at ETH, Zurich [doserj@inf.ethz.ch]
CDL to BPEL -  Jochen Haller of SAP Research [jochen.haller@sap.com]

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Subject: WS-CDL based implementations in TrustCoM

Hello Michael, 

I want to ask you about the status of WS-CDL related implementations - I
remember there were plans and promises from either SAP or ETH (or both)
side to develop such tools.

The reason I am asking about this is the following: I happen to
participate as a guest in W3C Web Services Choreography Working Group
F2F meeting here in London
and the question of the WS-CDL usage status in TrustCoM came up.

The WS-CDL spec approaches the Proposed Recommendation phase, there is a
need to know about the existing implementations and, in particular,
generation of end-point from choreography description.

I do not know who is directly responsible at the moment for these tools
in TrustCoM (Jochen Haller of SAP Research?).

The W3C Web Services Choreography Working Group would be interested to
hear about the status of the implementation and get in contact with the
people involved directly.

A note for the WS-CHOR group: Prof. Michael Wilson is the Programme
Manager for the TrustCoM Project -

Many thanks,
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