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RE: Changing a choreography or a participant Web Services

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Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 11:41:05 -0800
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There is, IMO, no simple answer to this problem. Think about the following question ...

Q. In a community, is it allowable for different participants to have web services that behave "slightly" differently, e.g. on timeouts.
A. I think the answer to this is a definite yes as a business might participate in multiple communities and want to use the same service they've built, e.g. a sales order acceptance service, in all those communities where each community has defined their own variation of a choreography.

What I think this means is that:
1. The services that are the "endpoints" or "channels" for a choreography will have different service definitions depending on the implementation.
2. You *have* to bind together separate definitions of the choreography (i.e. the sequence of exchanging messages), and the definitions of the services (i.e. the WSDL). Which is why we have abstract, portable and concrete definitions of a CDL.
3. Updating and maintaining changes in WSDL definitions will be a headache !!



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What happens if a community designs a choreography put it into 
productions having generated all the necessary Web Services skeletons 
and then later on someone changes their Web Service (maybe changing a 
timeout from 2 to 3 minutes) and their CDL file?

The community as a whole are not updated nor are they updateable 
automatically. Is this a community process issue? Could we use any form 
of bi-simulation between the newly updated choreography and the master 
choreography to determine that they are now different and flag it as an 
error through a vendor specific bi-simulation tool?


Steve T
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