RE: OMG's RFP for Business Process Definition Metamodel

This RFP has not been formally issued yet. The OMG are meeting this
week, and it may get issued on Friday.

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Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 4:23 PM
Subject: OMG's RFP for Business Process Definition Metamodel

OMG issued an RFP earlier this month for development of a specification
for a business process definition metamodel.


The specification developed in response to this RFP is expected to
achieve the following:

1.	A common metamodel to unify the diverse business process
definition notations that exist in the industry 

2.	A metamodel that complements existing UML metamodels so that
business processes specifications can be part of complete system
specifications to assure consistency and completeness 

3.	The ability to integrate process models for workflow management
processes, automated business processes, and collaborations between
business units. 

4.	Support for the specification of  web services choreography,
describing the collaboration between participating entities and the
ability to reconcile the choreography with supporting internal business

5.	The ability to exchange business process specifications between
modeling tools, and between tools and execution environments using XMI. 

Items in 1 and 4 above should be of considerable interest to this group.
Seems there is a significant functional overlap with what this team is
embarking on.


Regards, Prasad

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