Re: i051: Binding of message addressing properties in the SOAP underlying protocol [i051]

* Jonathan Marsh <> [2005-02-23 16:44-0800]
> As far as your proposal that we make general statements about whether:
> > >   - the value should be duplicated, i.e. expressed both at the
> > >     underlying binding level and in the envelope;
> I don't think there are general rules we can apply. [action] needs to be
> consistent with SOAP Action, [destination] doesn't need to be duplicated
> in the protocol.  We've documented the special cases where we want
> consistency or duplication.  We're done.
> > >   - the SOAP header doesn't need to be serialized in the envelope as
> > >     it's expressed at the underlying binding level.
> This complicates life immensely for end-to-end scenarios and is a much
> bigger issue than whether or not we define some (worthless IMO) property
> URIs.

Independently of how we express it, you seem to be saying that you
always want the MAPs to be expressed as headers, which looks like a
general statement like I wanted to add, isn't it?

Avoiding duplication seems neat from a conceptual POV. However, always
serializing MAPs as SOAP headers certainly has advantages from
security and simplicity POV, so I'd tend to go this way.



Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Saturday, 26 February 2005 01:07:24 UTC