Referencing the IRI RFC (was Re: Snapshots of the drafts for review)

* Hugo Haas <> [2005-01-28 17:19+0100]
> * Ashok Malhotra <> [2005-01-28 07:22-0800]
> > Yes, we shd reference RFC3986.  We shd also consider referencing RFC3987 (the IRI specification).
> The minutes don't record record this specifically, but I think it was
> discussed during the URI comparison issue discussion[1].
> I agree on referencing RFC3986.

I have updated the reference, as RFC3986 obsoletes RFC2396 as well as
the RFC2396bis drafts (our reference was basically broken).

> With regards to RFC3987, I also agree with the intent as pointed out
> last week, and I'll check with Martin Dürst next week about the
> implications.

After having talked with Martin, I do think that we should discuss
referencing RFC3987. The motivation for moving to IRIs is basically
explained at [2]. anyURI does cover IRIs, so changing the reference
would basically have little impact on our spec.

Mark, would you like me to open a new issue about this?



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