Re: Issue i001: what and how many things are we identifying?

Hi Noah.

* <> [2005-01-30 19:14-0500]
> You wrote this note on January 10th, and it occurred to me then that some 
> of the issues you explore might be fruitful points of discussion in the 
> F2F meeting between the TAG and WS-Addressing groups at the plenary (for 
> the moment, I'm speaking for myself here, and not on behalf of the TAG). 
> Since then, you've had your Melbourne F2F, and I believe there has been 
> progress on identity issues.  I wonder whether you might care to send a 
> note updating the attached, either informally or officially on behalf of 
> the WS-Addressing group, and whether you agree that some of these issues 
> might be likely points of discussion?  I'd also of course welcome opinions 
> from the TAG. 

The consensus of the Group with regards to issue i001 after our
Melbourne face-to-face is that EPRs are not identifiers, so my
analysis collapses to the following: an EPR contains an [address]
property which is the address (URI) for the endpoint, the rest being
data and metadata.

However, what this [address] URI precisely refers to is currently
under discussion, and this relates to your issue EndpointsRef47 (see
the thread starting at [1]).

I suspect that this will be something that we will want to discuss at
our joint meeting.



Hugo Haas - W3C -

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