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RE: WSDL and request/response messages

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 18:11:31 -0000
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To: <david.illsley@uk.ibm.com>
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David, Rick, Arun

> I think Ricks question re echo vs echoIn/echoOut still needs 
> addressed 

Describing a message/reply interaction in which the
response may be sent in the HTTP response, or in a
separate interaction as a result of a HTTP 202 remains
a 'challenge' for WSDL. 

So I added an 'echo' operation as well as the two one-way
'echoIn' and 'echoOut' operations as a convinience for some 
but I now see it only adds confusion. I suggest I remove it. 

> as does Aruns about the actions.

is the wsaw namespace stable? I'd rather hold off 
until the WSDL binding is in CR and we're CR testing
it before adding such extensions.

Sorry for not getting back on this sooner.

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