Generic link syntax for Web Thing API

Dear list,

I realize that the web things API is well underway, and this might be a
bit of a stretch.
I have an interest in standardizing the serialization of Web links
(RFC8288) in JSON.

Many formats are popping up, each with a slightly different serialization.

I took a first stab at this in the following draft:

Given that Web Thing API is still currently a draft too, I was hoping to
find out if there's people in this group that would be interested in
collaborating on this, and have the Web Thing API depend on this spec.
JSON:API v1.1 is probably also going to use this format, and having 2
significant efforts depend on this would lend this a lot of weight.

As it stands, it seems that the only incompatibility is the use of the
"type" property in the json-link drafts, vs. mediaType in Web Things.

If there's an interest, I would love to hear what I can do to make this
work for you.

Evert Pot

Received on Monday, 3 February 2020 06:24:24 UTC