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[wot-marketing] minutes - 7 November 2019

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                               - DRAFT -

                             WoT Marketing

07 Nov 2019


          Kaz_Ashimura, Dave_Raggett, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan,
          Tomoaki_Mizushima, Taki_Kamiya, Naomi_Yoshizawa,
          Sebastian_Kaebisch, Ryuichi_Matsukura





     * [2]Topics
     * [3]Summary of Action Items
     * [4]Summary of Resolutions

   <scribe> Scribe: TK

   <kaz> scribenick: taki

   Sebastian: Naomi is in the call.
   ... Can you introduce yourself?
   ... Discussion status, we need to check.
   ... W3C has activity around web page design.
   ... I saw some news about it.
   ... we need to align with that.

   Naomi: I am based in Japan.
   ... there is a marketing communication team. That's why I am
   ... MarComm sent Request for Proposal about W3C Site redesigning
   ... I am here to listen today for what this group wants to do.
   ... FYI, "MarComm" means "Marketing and Communications".

   Sebastian: Welcome!
   ... current W3C Web page is overloaded with information.
   ... different group uses different style. data is outdated.
   ... we need to overcome.
   ... with new charter, we want nice representation of our
   ... tooling, implementations, etc. New comers should be able to
   learn quickly.
   ... also for recruiting new members.
   ... we have not done good work in this.
   ... we have plan for short term and long term.
   ... making links between different pages, for example, is short
   term plan.
   ... if one finds one page, people may think there are several
   different WoT activities.
   ... it seems not easy.

   <dape> [5]https://danielpeintner.github.io/wot-pages/

      [5] https://danielpeintner.github.io/wot-pages/

   Sebastian: Long term plan is described in issue #7.
   ... and issue #9.

   <kaz> [6]prev minutes

      [6] https://www.w3.org/2019/10//31-wot-marketing-minutes.html

   Kaz: Before starting discussions on the concrete issues, I'd
   like to ask you if you've read the minutes from the previous
   meeting, because we had discussion about our policy and
   ... Please remember that there is effort by the W3C Team, e.g.,
   MarComm and Project Management, on how to change/improve group
   ... putting ideas together.
   ... I understand your feeling about the current WoT Web pages.
   ... However, we first need to clarify our problems,
   requirements, etc.
   ... We also need to learn the status of the W3C Team's efforts.

   Ege: Agree, and I have a PR for that purpose.
   ... I want to discuss templates.
   ... It is an issue template.

   Kaz: great.
   ... everyone share understanding that we have problems.
   ... We can take a look at Ege's proposed template.

   Sebastian: We need to understand the current status. We have
   talked about this for a couple of years without no concrete
   ... We need to make progress. I just wanted to discuss the
   current status.
   ... In the last 2 years, nothing happened.

   Kaz: We have been busy producing specifications.
   ... And now we're re-starting our effort to improve the
   situation by creating issues on GitHub.

   Sebastian: New templates can be presented by Ege.

   Daniel: Naomi knows where we are heading to?

   Kaz: I've been talking with her about the situation, so I
   believe she understands the situation.
   .... However, you can of course give a summary if you want :)

   Daniel: I can summarize. We have different websites. We want a
   single website integrating the three.
   ... How it can be integrated. The page I created is just to
   show the idea.
   ... Just having linking between page is confusing.

   Kaz: That's why I think we should start with identifying

   Sebastian: Marketing TF is to solve the problem.

   Kaz: We first need to describe the problems/requirements and
   communicate with the MarComm Team, etc.
   ... This discussion can be done based on Ege's proposed
   ... It has been already 2 years, but we've never clearly
   described the problems or communicated with the MarComm Team.

   Sebastian: We spent lots of time in discussing how it should
   look like.
   ... Can we start by pointing to examples?

   Kaz: We can include the example as part of our proposed
   solution within the problem description.

   Ege: I can take over screen now.

   Ege is showing screen...

   <ege> [7]https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/pull/15

      [7] https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/pull/15

   Ege: PR #15
   ... I can show a template.
   ... I learned from TAG template.
   ... there are problems, requirements, solution proposals, and
   background information.

   Kaz: I understand the problem myself. We need to follow proper
   procedure on the other side.
   ... we can start with a collection of problem and requirement

   Ege: In broader sense, I agree.
   ... Problem needs to be communicated clearly.

   Kaz: From W3C point of view, consistency is also important.

   Ege: the three web sites use different technologies.
   ... There is wordpress specific problem.
   ... version control is difficult.
   ... we should use a single technology.
   ... Source code should be open.
   ... With GitHub, everyone can work on it.
   ... Everybody can see it, and propose a change.
   ... If we all agree, we can send this to w3c management.

   Sebastian: next step would be to send this to W3C.
   ... and then to W3C management, Kaz?

   <egekorkan> [8]https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/pull/15

      [8] https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/pull/15

   Kaz: We should make resolution in this TF, then to main call,
   marcom team then to project management team.

   Daniel: Is it right approach to have this kind of template?

   Kaz: Yes, but we should add this kind of detailed description
   to all the GitHub Issues already raised too.

   Ege: I plan to create separate issues, for example, for design.

   Daniel: W3C works internally for refactoring for publishing
   website. Do you have timeline and so forth?
   ... is there anything that we can take a look at?

   Kaz: we can take a look at the current status of Marcom team.
   ... I and Naomi provided a link to the page.

   Sebastian: new design work at w3c. does it have impact for WG

   Kaz: there is RFP (Request for Proposals). we can make a

   Sebastian: will it impact all IG/WG/etc pages?

   Kaz: We can also discuss that.

   Sebastian: all standards page can have the same look and feel,
   for example.
   ... Should we wait for w3c to finish work?

   Kaz: we identify our problems first and communicate.

   Daniel: I understand it is redesign efforts from w3c. People
   are not interested in CSS when they look at WoT.

   Kaz: You can raise an issue about those points as well.

   Ege: We also have time constraints.
   ... End of 2020 is too late.

   Kaz: We can create timeline issue.
   ... We can propose timeline.
   ... WoT is a user of the W3C efforts.
   ... So we need to create concrete problems. We should be

   Sebastian: Ege has done this job.
   ... We can agree on Ege's template.
   ... We should bring our request to W3C teams ASAP.
   ... Let's make resolution and merge Ege's PRs.

   <kaz> proposal: the marketing tf would like to merge ege's pr

   <kaz> s/pr 15/

   Ege is drafting a resolution...

   <egekorkan> proposal: We will merge PR#15 by @egekorkan which
   includes the issue template. This issue template will be then
   used for creating the issues. Kaz will enable this template as
   an issue template when clicked on new issue button on GitHub.

   <kaz> [9]PR 15

      [9] https://github.com/w3c/wot-marketing/pull/15

   Sebastian: sounds good

   <kaz> (no objections)

   RESOLUTION: We will merge PR#15 by @egekorkan which includes
   the issue template. This issue template will be then used for
   creating the issues. Kaz will enable this template as an issue
   template when clicked on new issue button on GitHub.

   Ege: Thank you.
   ... I am going to merge.

   PR #15 was merged...

   <kaz> ACTION: kaz to enable the issue template based on pr 15

   Daniel: Now we start collect issues.
   ... Is it ok to share email from W3C first?

   Kaz: We first should collect all the questions.

   Daniel: I first talk to Sebastian, McCool, etc. then.

   Kaz: The MarComm Team probably expects the chairs to forward
   the RFP message to the WoT groups.

   Sebastian: I can do it.

   Kaz: If you want, I can also do that.

   Sebastian: Thanks.
   ... How long will we need to wait to address our pain points?

   Kaz: We can ask timeline as well.
   ... Which part should be handled by whom. We can describe.

   Ege: Wikipedia issue. Email from Dom is available in GitHub.
   ... I can work on the TD wikipedia page first and then work on
   the WOT Wikipedia page

   Sebastian: Thank you, Ege.
   ... any other business?
   ... Thank you for joining, everyone.

   Sebastian: Let's proceed with new steps.
   ... see you.

   <kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: kaz to enable the issue template based on pr 15

Summary of Resolutions

    1. [10]We will merge PR#15 by @egekorkan which includes the
       issue template. This issue template will be then used for
       creating the issues. Kaz will enable this template as an
       issue template when clicked on new issue button on GitHub.

   [End of minutes]

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