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TOIT Call for Papers: Special issue on Evolution of IoT Networking Architectures

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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 14:25:49 +0000
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I would like to make you aware of the following cfp below.  Also feel free to share this message with others.

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ACM Transactions on
Internet Technology
Special issue on Evolution of IoT Networking Architectures
Guest Editors
Rute C. Sofia<mailto:rute.sofia@ulusofona.pt>, COPELABS, University Lusófona
Eve M. Schooler<mailto:eve.m.schooler@intel.com>, Intel
Chris Winkler<mailto:chris.winkler@siemens.com>, Siemens AG
Dirk Kutscher<mailto:ietf@dkutscher.net>, University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer



To support the sheer number of entities connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT), emerging IoT networks must support the stewardship of large amounts of data, in-network and in-flight computation/AI, distributed storage, and rich queries. While today's IoT uses standard IP-based messaging, its shortcomings have led to proposed extensions for constrained environment operation, publish-subscribe middleware, data-centric routing, among other technologies. This special issue aims to present the most leading-edge research on:

  *   Next-generation IoT network architecture & protocols, including improved support for QoS/QoE, increased mobility, streaming media, and integrated security; a path from client/server centralized models to a fully distributed comms architecture; edge data producer disruption.
  *   Cross-layer design, enabling real-time & near-real-time data delivery and synchronization; support for efficient multi-party communication; collective behaviors (e.g., crowd sensing, crowdsourcing, resource federation); impacting low-power design; the wireless & mobile edge.
  *   Novel approaches to Edge networking for IoT, such as distribution & orchestration of network functions to best support data processing and aggregation; seamless interoperation of static and mobile edge infrastructure & devices; resilience and dynamic adaptation; data caching and migration; autonomous operation vs opportunistic connectivity; the proliferation and peering of "edges".
  *   IoT communication interoperability, such as proposals to articulate in a distributed and self-organizing way communication between different communication protocols; support for a large variety of heterogeneous and constrained devices; discovery & directory services
  *   Network measurement & performance, to assist in understanding, exposing and comparing the performance of current IoT resources, infrastructure and protocols in a variety of scenarios, including industrial & consumer IoT.
  *   IoT Privacy, security and trust challenges, including data security, user privacy, distributed trust models, attestation, privacy- and policy-preservation, encrypted search, access control and policy management.

Refer to: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/toit

Please select "Special Issue on Evolution of IoT Networking Architectures" in the TOIT Manuscript Central Website


Submissions: June 30, 2019
First decisions: October 15, 2019
Revisions: November 11, 2019
Final decisions: January 31, 2020
Final (Camera-ready): February 29, 2020
Publication: May 2020

ACM TOIT Editor-in-Chief
Professor Ling Liu<mailto:ling.liu@cc.gatech.edu>
Department of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

Association for Computing Machinery, Two Penn Plaza, Suite 701, New York, NY 10121-0701, USA
Copyright 2019, ACM, Inc.

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