Re: Switching WoT Calendars to W3C System

A couple of points regarding the calendar:

  *   You will not get an update/invite unless you first go to the site and put the WoT meetings on your personal W3C calendar
  *   The WoT Plugfest is only under the IG, the WoT Testfest is only under the WG.  If you want both you will have to look in both places.
Will discuss further on Wednesday.

In addition there is a conflict on Wed between the testfest and the main call that we will have to resolve.  I’d like to suggest we delay the testfest and plugfest calls on that day (and that day only) to avoid the conflict.  That means the schedule is not the same every day and I will have to fix up the wot-testing README and the calendar, among other things.  I did update the “Cancellation” table in the main wiki with this (proposed) solution.

Michael McCool

From: Mccool, Michael <>
Date: Friday, March 4, 2022 at 12:06 PM
To: <>, member-wot-ig <>, <>, <>, <>, <>
Subject: Switching WoT Calendars to W3C System
As discussed in the WoT main call this week:

For a long time I have been maintaining WoT meeting calendar entries using my personal calendar but this has numerous problems, including making it hard for new members to get updates and for other WoT chairs and staff to update them.  So we are going to be switching over to the W3C calendar system at  You can also download a single ICS file for all WoT meetings using and import them directly into your own calendar.

The WoT calendar entries are all ready on the W3C system and it is time to switch over.  However, to do so, I am going to have to (a) cancel and delete all the existing invites in my personal calendars (b) trigger the W3C system to send invites to everyone to the new invite and (c) everyone needs to update their calendars to use the new invites for meetings they care about.

So, you are about to get a large number of cancellations and invites.  Sorry!  Note that the meetings themselves are not being cancelled, we are just switching over to a new calendar system.

To get updated from changes to the W3C invites however you may have to visit the above site, log in, and indicate your interest in a particular meeting.

Thanks, and... here goes.
Michael McCool

PS The chairs and editors calls are still on my personal calendar for now, since those have limited distribution.  It’s only the group meetings I am switching over at this time.

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