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[wot-usecases] minutes - 13 July 2021

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      [1] https://www.w3.org/

                             WoT Use Cases

13 July 2021

   [2]Agenda. [3]IRC log.

      [2] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/IG_UseCase_WebConf#Agenda_13.7.
      [3] https://www.w3.org/2021/07/13-wot-uc-irc


          Christian_Block, David_Ezell, Kaz_Ashimura,
          Michael_Lagally, Michael_McCool, Sebastian_Kaebisch,
          Thomas_Jaeckle, Tomoaki_Mizushima





    1. [4]ECLASS liaison

Meeting minutes

  ECLASS liaison

   Christian: (gives introduction)

   Lagally: sorry but would like to remind you of the W3C patent

   [5]W3C Patent Policy

      [5] https://www.w3.org/Consortium/Patent-Policy-20170801/

   Kaz: mentions the PP

   Christian: ok
   … (starts to talk about his slides)
   … basis of ECLASS
   … hierarchical standard for master data to classify and
   describe products and services
   … data supply chain
   … data chain between product descriptions provided multiple
   … standardization by ECLASS
   … fact & figures
   … 4000 users, 19000 properties ,150 active members
   … 45000 classes
   … used internationally
   … 16 languages
   … more facts
   … ISO/IEC based data model
   … ISO 13584-42 / IEC 61360
   … data transfer ISO 29002
   … more facts
   … consistent use
   … international and multilingual
   … more facts
   … cross-sector, compatible to other standards
   … conceptual data model
   … ECLASS - structural elements
   … elements and definitions
   … classification class, application class, keyword, property,
   synonym, unit, value list, value, ...
   … IRDI
   … each structural element has an IRDI
   … ISO/IEC 6523 and ISO/IEC 11179-6
   … ECLASS basic vs advanced
   … basic: all characteristics are provided flat in a
   one-dimensional list
   … ECLASS advancd cocnepts
   … aspect, block, cardinality, polymorphism
   … how structural elements relate
   … CC-advanced AC
   … reference property is not included in the main body
   … ECLASS use cases
   … BMEcat, ISO 29002-10, AutomationML, Asset Administration
   Shell, OPC-UA
   … new use case for WoT Thing Description to support semantic
   … dictionary exchange
   … change requests -> eclassdownload.com -> ECLASS users
   … dictionary exchange formats
   … CSV, XML (Onto XML), ...
   … RDF goal and process
   … ECLASS -> RDF -> WoT TD
   … ECLASS as RDF in W3C WoT TD (Draft)
   … (example TD code)
   … IRDI_0173_1_01_AKE525_013 for Thing
   … also support for properties
   … questions?

   Lagally: thanks!
   … we mange question queue using the IRC channel

   Sebastian: regarding the example
   … not perfect yet
   … IRDI as an ID is complicated
   … this example is OK to show the ECLASS concept
   … we can use a context file to manage the information
   … to manage the detailed information, e.g., the manufacture
   … mapping to the context file is important

   Lagally: agree
   … we can simply property name, etc.

   Sebastian: possibly annotation as well
   … btw, support for multiple language is nice
   … ECLASS provides very powerful mechanism

   Lagally: device class and device model
   … same as the Thing Model?

   Sebastian: think could be used for the Thing Model as well
   … and can be adapted to the Thing Description

   McCool: we duplicate things right now
   … probably should have general discussion on subsets
   … to be applied to Thing Model
   … the example shows metadata of the Thing as the top level

   Sebastian: you can use the actions as well
   … sometimes devices have voltage, etc.
   … you can use that detailed level of terms as well

   McCool: useful to see use cases about the details
   … set of interactions, etc.
   … how to mark up the semantics
   … where ECLASS annotation to be applied

   Kaz: yes
   … would like to see how to refer to the ECLASS term definitions
   from TD for some concrete use case

   Lagally: good point
   … what is the typical use case?

   Christian: there is a catalog
   … exchanges the information
   … catalogues can be uploaded
   … and this data can be reused for applications too
   … e.g., building control systems including switches and lamps
   … btw, ECLASS might be able to be the basis for the Thing Model

   Lagally: regarding the value
   … you had tree-like structure
   … do you have more complicated structure than the example?

   Christian: more complex data type is also possible

   Lagally: regarding UnitsML

   Christian: XML schema by ISO 13584-32 ontoML
   … unit system is based on other schema

   Lagally: what kind of units?
   … any standards to be referred to?

   Christian: common dictionary is an ISO/IEC standard

   Lagally: ok
   … another question
   … how to handle different languages?
   … semantic names and structure?

   Christian: maybe Sebastian can provide some answer?

   Sebastian: language-based context file is available
   … one context file specific for one language, e.g., German
   … would assume lang attribute like TD as well
   … possible mapping with that

   Sebastian: use cases on retails?

   Christian: possible future use cases

   <McCool> sorry, will comment after David

   David: retail is about categorization

   McCool: how can ECLASS help that purpose?
   … specific use cases?
   … also we have issues on internationalization
   … how to handle multiple languages
   … right now we have identifier for language
   … but not sure how to handle every possible language

   Lagally: what is the primary domain for ECLASS?

   Christian: electronic products currently

   Lagally: question for David
   … any similar mechanism in US?

   David: most of the clarification of products is done by GS1
   … code for everything
   … but no actual useful categorization for door sensor, etc.,
   … anybody aware of any classification?

   Sebastian: ECLASS provides some
   … the question is how far you want to go
   … what kind of items you want to use
   … many interesting use cases there

   David: we do have products categorization for trays, etc.

   McCool: already widely used standard for retails
   … ECLASS also might want to work with that
   … also about categorization data format
   … ECLASS is a possibility
   … easier integration for stores would be good
   … kind of walking through the process would be beneficial

   Sebastian: many to say for use cases
   … how to proceed?

   Lagally: we could look into their standards

   Sebastian: also we could think about possible use cases

   Christian: will prepare one

   Kaz: we've been working with IEC CDD guys as well, so just
   wanted ask if ECLASS format is based that

   Christian: yes

   Lagally: could you provide slides?

   Christian: yes
   … also data definition available on the ECLASS site

   <ChristianBlock> [6]https://www.eclass-cdp.com/

      [6] https://www.eclass-cdp.com/

   Lagally: thanks!
   … we'll have the next Use Cases call next week on July 20th


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