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[wot-ig/wg] minutes - 30 September 2020

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Thanks a lot for taking the minutes, Michale McCool!



      [1] http://www.w3.org/


30 Sep 2020


      [2] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#30_September_2020


          Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Michael_Koster,
          Kunihiko_Toumura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Cristiano_Aguzzi,
          Daniel_Peintner, Michael_Lagally, Takahisa_Suzuki,
          Tomoaki_Mizushima, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Dave_Raggett,
          Zoltan_Kis, David_Ezell, Jennifer_Lin





     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]Guests
         2. [5]Prev minutes
         3. [6]AIOTI EU event
         4. [7]Other events
         5. [8]Publications
         6. [9]TPAC
         7. [10]TF reports
     * [11]Summary of Action Items
     * [12]Summary of Resolutions

   <kaz> scribenick: McCool_


     [13] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#30_September_2020


   no guests today

Prev minutes

   minutes review:

     [14] https://www.w3.org/2020/09/23-wot-minutes.html

   Sebastian: summarizes minutes; minutes distribution policy,
   hexagon, iot events (dave, next week will review)
   ... wishi (MK to flag IETF sessions that are relevant to WoT)
   ... publication schedule
   ... TPAC planning
   ... any objections?
   ... none, will be released as official

AIOTI EU event

   Dave: several hour event on AIOTI in EU
   ... 5G, edge computing, data spaces
   ... industrial digital twin association, green deal, etc.
   ... will circulate a complete summary
   ... Gaia X

Other events

   Sebastian: smart cities week, McCool will attend some of these
   and report out
   ... IETF also coming up in Nov (see note from MK above)
   ... Planet Explore is also interesting, but timing also
   overlaps with TPAC
   ... McCool may go to some sessions, others should take a look


   Sebastian: end of Sept promised some FPWD
   ... so who is ready, and if not, how should the schedule be

   <inserted> [Profiles]

   Sebastian: profiles?

   Lagally: plan is to do some initial submission addressing units
   and metrics, and generate a FPWD; working on a PR (MR)
   ... but again, still a first draft, not final at all

   Sebastian: FPWD does not need to be perfect
   ... what should we do procedurally?

   Kaz: need to ask for review, then one week later, make a
   resolution to publish

   <kaz> (then transition request approval and actual publication

   Lagally: for profiles, consider the current draft as the FPWD
   candidate, MR is still in progress

   McCool: should we take the draft after the MR merge tomorrow?

   Lagally: but only six days then

   <inserted> kaz: we can have an additional call on Thursday next
   week or can make decision by email

   Sebastian: suggest we take the draft, and send an email around
   about any updates
   ... there will be updates, just need to clearly communicate

   Lagally: plan is then to approve FPWD in next main call

   <inserted> [Architecture]

   Sebastian: same is also true for architecture, right?

   Lagally: yes; still needs some cleanup, but yes.

   <inserted> [Discovery]

   McCool: discovery is read, head of github is the FPWD candidate

   <inserted> [TD]

   Sebastian: TD is in similar situation to arch, but need a bit
   more time to clean up a few things
   ... so as with arch and profiles, will start review, but may be
   some updates, will communicate via email

   <inserted> [Scripting API]

   Zoltan: scripting API is ready for publication
   ... still some outstanding issues, but we can proceed, work on
   issues later

   Daniel: yes, agreed

   Kaz: to be strict, scripting will be an updated note

   Lagally: use cases will be done in later, in october, decoupled
   from other docs


   <inserted> [15]WoT vF2F during TPAC

     [15] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting,_October_2020#Agenda

   Sebastian: please remember to register
   ... let's review the schedule
   ... next week is our first vF2F meeting
   ... then joint calls (some still pending, eg JSON-LD)
   ... and then another week of F2F meetings
   ... note we have to squeeze the first session down by an hour,
   and maybe squeeze in some other things

   McCool: note some joint sessions on the second day; these are
   deep dives into particular use cases
   ... for media and agriculture

   Kaz: and we can confirm the plan during the use
   case/architecture calls tomorrow with Lagally

   Sebastian: please take a look and update calendars

   Kaz: WebEx calls for our own sessions have been allocated and
   links are added to the agenda wiki. will clarify the telco
   coordinate (might be Zoom) for the joint calls as well.

   <sebastian> [16]doodle for the joint meeting with JSON-LD WG

     [16] https://doodle.com/poll/mqx2wde3a6wth7ib

   Sebastian: still need to set date for JSON-LD, please fill out
   doodle so we can pick a time

   McCool: note on meeting cancellations
   ... listed on the main wiki

   <kaz> [17]Cancellations

     [17] https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/Main_WoT_WebConf#Cancellations

   McCool:hopefully will make decision on architecture tomorrow
   ... expect architecture will happen Oct 1 and 8
   ... but not 15th
   ... also need to decide on cancellations
   ... security and discovery to be cancelled (will confirm by
   ... not sure about td or arch, they need to finish FPWD, so...

   Sebastian: will decide this week then for td and arch

TF reports

   Scripting: error handling needs improvement; some should be
   handled by td

   Security: discussed outstanding issues and PRs

   Discovery: reviewed draft and did cleanup for FPWD; added
   overview diagram from Toumura-san

   Marketing: no meeting, but offline did review storyboard from
   the animator, reviewed, and provided corrections and feedback
   ... also Lagally provided feedback on the web page that we need
   to review in a future call

   TD: looking at PRs, getting ready to be merged
   ... note that we will only have a 1h call today (first hour
   ... will try to decide which PRs to merge

   Use_cases: extra call to prepare for F2F joint meeting with the
   Agriculture CG

   Architecture: thing model and lifecycle, issue and PR cleanup

   <kaz> [main call adjourned; PlugFest on another WebEx and IRC
   channel in 10 mins]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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