Re: [EXTERNAL] Updated site

Hi Tom, 

> On 9 Mar 2023, at 9:03 am, Tom Jones <> wrote:
> Minor editorial comment. The list is in activity order. Not being familiar with most of the incubations, I cannot tell if they are ordered left to right or top to bottom.

You are correct that the order is totally not clear - or even what the order means. I believe it goes top to bottom. 

Right now, we use a custom ranking algorithm that takes into consideration various signals (recent commits, comments, etc.). I’m hoping to add additional ways of sorting the data: alphabetical, date repo was created, and so on. 

(Again, if anyone wants to help do that, please jump in!)

> I will consider filing bugs against unsafe features after discussion within my team.

Appreciate that.

> I would suggest that AI attacks be part of any security notations.

Interesting! Do know of any examples off-hand that have been used to attack Web APIs? 

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