Re: [EXTERNAL] Updated site

> On 7 Mar 2023, at 1:51 pm, Alex Russell <> wrote:
> If we're iterating on this UI, perhaps it would also be helpful for web developers to understand which incubations are actively soliciting feedback and which are shipped in one (or more) engines, and the fraction of browsing that supports and incubated feature? caniuse data slices by this pretty well.

Absolutely. By default every active incubation should be actively soliciting feedback, even after they ship (shipping should not be considered a marker of stability - all incubations are subject to change when they enter the actual W3C/WHATWG standardization process). 

You brought up a really good point elsewhere about identifying which browser (rather than engine) an incubation is shipping on… I’m thinking of we should use:

* shipping-edge
* shipping-firefox
* shipping-chrome
* shipping-safari

And perhaps even the OS? 

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