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Hi Ashley, 

On August 24, 2015 at 11:03:04 AM, Ashley Gullen ( wrote:
> My GitHub username is AshleyScirra [2]. I'm not sure what the process from
> here on is, so please let me know what I need to do to help take this
> forward.

Thanks for sending the document over. Yoav and I have clicked the various buttons to get all the licensing in place, etc. 

I've also "tidied" up the document, using HTML5 tidy - and fixed up the respec config section to point to this group. 

The document is now viewable at:

I've started filing bugs. Will be happy to work together with you on those. In particular, moving things to an explainer would be super useful. Also, using continuous WebIDL (link in bug) would be ideal. 

You will notice I used the the `noLegacyFormat` in the Respec config (basically to stop those tables describing the methods/attributes showing up). We no longer like specs that show those tables, and instead prefer algorithmic specs (see also related bug). This means that some of the text you have in the nested `dl`s need to be moved to their own sections. 


<h2><code>toBlob()</code> method</h2>
<p>When invoked, the toBlob() method ... bla bla bla...</p>

Anyway, will help you with those.

Thanks again. 

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