Re: [whatwg] Accessing local files with JavaScript portably and securely

在 2017年04月19日 02:23, Ian Hickson 写道:
> The main thing that seems to be missing from this thread is any 
> commitment from any browser vendors to actually support any changes in 
> this space.

Yes, and I had been pessimistic about that even before I join this thread.

Actually I join the discussion mainly to see whether there are some 
convincing reasons for web standards and browsers to ignore local files.
It is more than welcome if browser vendors would like to comment on this.

Something already mentioned:

* Local files are against the philosophy of the Web.
   Then the problem is what is the philosophy of the Web exactly and why 
-- seems still unclear.

* Accessing local files from local files with JavaScript is insecure.
   Some solutions (including mine) are discussed and I think this is 
solvable. Please comment if anyone think otherwise.

* Accessing local files is not portable.
   I think with some best practices in mind a local web app can be quite 
portable. I'd like to see counterexamples
   if anyone has some.

* A local http server could be an alternative.
   Problems of a local http server have been discussed in detail.

* Electron/NW.js etc. could be alternatives.
   It is overkill to ship a small web app with a large runtime, 
especially when the advanced desktop features are not needed.
   The enoumous man power devoted to Electron/NW.js and similar projects 
is a signal that local web app is relevant.

Something not mentioned here, just my guess:

* Local web app is against the business model of current Internet.
   Please consider users first.

* Cloud is the future, local files will become irrelevant.
   Seems premature, and there are people who feel unconfortable to 
cloudize all personal data and workflow.

> I would recommend the following steps for anyone hoping to push 
> changes to Web specifications on this topic:
> - Approach Web browser vendors privately, to see if they are 
> interested in changing their behaviour in this space.

I've no such private link.

> - If you find interest, collect up the use cases that you want to 
> address, and post them to this list for discussion.
> - Collect the input on use cases and try to design a solution that 
> fits all the important use cases, then send an an e-mail to this list 
> proposing a basic design.

These have been a lot of discussion on that in this thread. Do you think 
writing a more formal document would be helpful?

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> Ian Hickson
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> Ian Hickson
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