Re: [whatwg] Accessing local files with JavaScript portably and securely

David Kendal 於 4/14/2017 11:58 AM 寫道:
> On 11 Apr 2017, at 19:50, Patrick Dark <> wrote:
>> The "world wide web" is the user-facing portion of the Internet. Files
>> on a CD or USB drive are not part of that.
> You are continuing to dodge this problem by redefining the WHAT WG's
> responsibilities. Please don't do that.
> If you can't take my word for it, how about the inventor of the
> web itself? <>
> (Thanks to a correspondent, who I presume prefers to remain unnamed,
> for sending this to me off-list.)

"Appeal to authority" is a logical fallacy. An authoritative source 
doesn't make an argument true.

I disagree with the idea that HTML files on offline media or a closed 
intranet are part of the "world wide web".

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