Re: [whatwg] Proposal: <tag> element

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> I would like to propose a new element for the HTML standard, <tag>.

Hi David; have you read ? In particular, it's good to focus on use cases, instead of jumping straight to a solution. You've outlined some, so I'll go through why I think they are already covered by HTML:

> - Tags on a blog entry:
> - ‘Hashtags’ in a microblog posting:
> - Indications of what the topic of a news article is (roughly, what section of a print newspaper it is in):

These should be covered by the tag link relation: You get additional user-facing value by linking to a description of the tag, or a collection of articles all of which share the same tag.

> - Labels on a dictionary entry or sense:

The preferred markup for this is the <dl>, <dt>, and <dd> elements.

> - Size and other product variant indicators in online shopping:

In general I don't think "product characteristics" is common enough to all web pages that it would need to be baked into HTML itself as an entirely new element. But, you could possibly interpret rel="tag" as applicable here too. Otherwise, I'd suggest creating your own microdata vocabulary for clothing sizes and other product characteristics. would be the place to start there; maybe some even already exist! Microdata is the recommended extensibility point for such domain-specific semantic vocabularies; you can learn more at

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