[whatwg] Proposal: <tag> element

I would like to propose a new element for the HTML standard, <tag>.

The <tag> element is a phrasing element representing a label or tag.
Semantically, it attaches the label to the nearest enclosing <article>,
<section>, <figure>, <li>, <dd>, or to the entire document if there is no such
enclosing element.

Example uses for the proposed element:

- Tags on a blog entry:

        <h1>Why Germany will win Euro 2016</h1>
        <footer>Tagged with <tag>germany</tag>, <tag>football</tag>,

- ‘Hashtags’ in a microblog posting:

   <p>At the They Might Be Giants concert. <tag>#tmbg</tag>

- Indications of what the topic of a news article is (roughly, what section of a
  print newspaper it is in):

   <p>In today’s <cite>World News Report</cite>:
     <li><a href="...">Diplomat slips on banana skin in UN debating chamber —
     <li><a href="...">Mauve Party polling lead increases by 2 pp —
     <li><a href="...">British Pound has another bad day on the markets —

- Labels on a dictionary entry or sense:

     <li><tag>U.S.</tag>: A person responsible for overseeing an examination
     at a university.
     <li><tag>U.K.</tag>: A university officer responsible for student

- Size and other product variant indicators in online shopping:

     <h1>‘I &amp;lt;3 Web Standards’ T-shirt</h1>
     Available in sizes <tag>S</tag>, <tag>M</tag>, <tag>L</tag>, and
     <tag>XL</tag>, and in <tag>white</tag> or <tag>black</tag> versions.

Suggested default styling is italic (largely on the basis that this is
historically and generally the usual styling for labels in dictionary entries).

Feedback welcome.
With thanks,

David P. Kendal
bei WG Neumann
Nassauische Straße 36
10717 Berlin

Email: me@dpk.io
Handy: +49 159 03847809

Received on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 20:24:43 UTC