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Re: [whatwg] HTML6 proposal for single-page apps without Javascript

From: Bobby Mozumder <mozumder@futureclaw.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 10:12:22 -0400
Message-Id: <83605382-ED0E-45F6-A884-EFAAAA35A292@futureclaw.com>
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> On Mar 23, 2015, at 9:35 AM, Jonathan Garbee <jonathan@garbee.me> wrote:
> Let's just leave the sharing out of this. There is no data as to *why* it
> is being shared. All that is is a red-herring to the technical discussion.
> Web Components are what you are looking for. Problem is, JS required.
> However that isn't a deal-breaker in most projects. You make a custom
> element that contains within it the standard paragraphs, headers, asides,
> etc. and you can feed data into that. No problem. It is *exactly* what you
> are describing except it takes an extra step of making a custom component.

How many lines of Javascript code do you need to write to do the following:

	<ARTICLE model=“myArticleData”>

I tried to give a quick & dirty one in my last msg and it didn’t look pretty.

>> 75 million Wordpress sites and 200 million Tumblr blogs out there that
> treat web pages as basic documents.
> There is nothing restricting these sites from implementing web components
> under the hood.

Of course there is a restriction: they don’t know Javascript.

>> And besides, there’s still the problem of having to download huge power
> inefficient Javascript libraries.
> No problem with web components, they are *built into the browser.*

You still have to write JS, and they’re not going to do that all the time.  If they use Web components it will be in libraries.

Web components are only going to be created for extremely complex widgets, not for <H1>, <ARTICLE>, etc..

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