Re: [whatwg] Icon mask and theme color


(summary: let's put the information inside the SVG file, more below)

Le 18 juin 2015 à 08:41, Tab Atkins Jr. <> a écrit :
> better than color averaging.  Averaging seems like it would
> rarely produce a reasonable color in any multi-color icon,

And we will certainly create rage into Marketing/Communications departments.

> Dominant/first color would at least give you one of the brand colors.

Better, not necessary the best.
Because of the following reasons:

1. these icons are specific to the "mask" system.
2. SVG format is mandatory [1]

Why not
* giving more power to the designers,
* respecting the people in charge of branding,
* and reducing the source of confusions (people managing the markup != people designing icons)

by including **inside the SVG** the color requirements.

  <iconmask:iconmask xmlns:iconmask="">
      <iconmask:meta name="primary" color="#bada55" />
      <iconmask:meta name="secondary" color="#505 #123456" />

(better syntax, naming, unicorns are welcome, but that's not currently the point)


Karl Dubost 🐄

Received on Thursday, 18 June 2015 00:17:12 UTC