Re: [whatwg] Proposal: Wake Lock API

Den 14-08-2014 kl. 23:02 skrev Jonas Sicking:
> On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 9:55 AM, Jesper Kristensen
> <> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Would it make sense to tie the system lock to a notification?
>> For example:
>> new Notification("Processing...", {tag: "abc", progressBar: 0.8, wakeLock:
>> "system"});
>> There are many myths and rumors about how to conserve battery on mobile
>> devices. A small improvement could be to require apps to show some kind of
>> UI whenever they are allowed to consume resources in the background.
> The main use case for system locks in my mind is for applications that
> need to do some short but important processing. For example a camera
> app wanting to do some HDR processing of an image before saving it to
> disk. It seems like it would be very annoying if a notification was
> shown any time the user took a picture.
> I still think it's a very interesting idea though.

Both Android and iOS have notifications showing whenever any app does 
background sync (although you cannot easily see which app it is, which I 
think is an issue). So I think it can be implemented in a way that is 
not too annoying. In addition you could choose to only show the 
notification when the page holding the lock is in the background.

/Jesper Kristensen

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