Re: [whatwg] Clipping text in in canvas

I'm sure there are such uses and I'm assured that you have one. I was just
sending out my canned reminder that alternatives to canvas exist (many folks
seemed not to know that, only a few years ago).


Cheers and regards



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On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 12:04 PM, David Dailey <>

Last I checked applying a clipPath to text in SVG works consistently across
browsers, and there it remains accessible: to screen readers, indexing,
searching, drag-to-select, etc. Why would one want a bunch of pixels that
resemble text?

Just saying,


I have an insane, complex use case, and you'd laugh at me if I told you what
it was, but trust me when I say I need an immediate mode drawing API like
<canvas> instead of a retained scene graph like SVG.

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Subject: [whatwg] Clipping text in in canvas

The canvas specification maintains:

    These shapes are painted without affecting the current path, and are
subject to shadow effects, global alpha, the clipping region, and global
composition operators. [0]

But no browsers I tested actually implement the "clipping region" part.
Should this be removed for backwards compatibility reasons? Should we
introduce a new method of clipping text be introduced, or should we just
require users who want to draw clipped text to draw to a scratch canvas and
use drawImage to copy the pixels?



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