[whatwg] suggestion limited context

i would like to suggest a limited context
for embedding JavaScript/html  in a websites

i would suggest having few sets of  profiles

and maybe user/website-designer defined

the syntax may be something like this




i don't think this would be difficult to implement
web-browsers  simply  needs to ignore things that would not be allowed


alert("Hello! I am an alert box!");

<canvas id="example" width="200" height="200">


in this instance the web-browser  would ignore alert

i think its every reason to implement this
a lot of websites that allow embeding
only allow flash or very limit html like img or <a href="url">Link text</a>
simply because allowing any more that would subject the website to unwanted
manipulation and hacks

but with  this limited context would allow websites
allow embedding more freely for JavaScript/html without the risk

Received on Thursday, 23 February 2012 12:36:44 UTC