[whatwg] Review and Browser Vendor Interest in Form Enhancement


I've submitted a proposal to w3c issue 195 which stems from requests
to provide support for additional HTTP methods on forms with specific
reference to clients without scripting support. The proposal is based
on extending the functionality of forms by exposing the abilities of
XHR to declarative markup.

I'm keen to highlight the issue to solicit review and feedback on the
proposal, and to harvest some degree of the level of interest from
browser vendors as to the desirability of implementing the proposal.

The proposal itself includes the rationale and details pertaining to
the changes. There has been some initial feedback on public-html
however i am yet to update the proposal with the recommendations.
These amount to:

* Implement method attribute values as a blacklist instead of a whitelist
* Exclude CONNECT and TRACK methods in addition to TRACE as
blacklisted items for synchronicity with XHR specification
* Remove "_none" payload attribute state and replace functionality
with "disabled" attribute and state
* Look at replacing "_async_" form control field as a form submit
element attribute for form, button & input retargeting.


Issue 195:

Cameron Jones

Received on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 09:33:48 UTC