[whatwg] The blockquote element spec vs common quoting practices

"Jukka K. Korpela" <jkorpela at cs.tut.fi> schrieb am Sun, 12 Feb 2012
20:19:02 +0200:

> [?]

> The difference between <blockquote> and (for example) <quotation> as 
> quotation markup is that the latter has no burden of existing use for 
> other purposes.

By analogy, a completely new table element would also be necessary. Oh,
and what about a way to denote images that is not tarnished by spacer
GIFs and web bugs?

> Anyone who plans to do some intelligent processing of 
> quotations could expect <quotation> to be quotation markup and
> nothing else, since there is no motivation for using it for other
> purposes

Authors lie and we will have to live with it. You cannot make content
producers honest by just introducing a new element intended to be used
similar to the old element. Why do you think that *this* time, everyone
will read the manual before producing markup?

Nils Dagsson Moskopp // erlehmann

Received on Sunday, 12 February 2012 11:43:56 UTC