[whatwg] add html-attribute for "responsive images"

On Tue, 07 Feb 2012 14:49:16 -0000, David Goss <dvdgoss at gmail.com> wrote:

> I guess I've moved away from similarities with <video>, in that I've
> been thinking of the <img> as the default content, not the fallback
> content. Going with your angle for a simple example with two sizes:
> <picture alt="alternative text" src="default.jpg">
>   <source href="large.jpg" media="min-width:700px" />
>   <img alt="alternative text" src="default.jpg" />
> </picture>

A new element may be an opportunity to get the "alt" right, i.e. in  
element's body, not flattened in an attribute.

   <source href="wide.jpg" media="orientation: landscape" />
   <source href="narrow.jpg" media="orientation: portrait" />

   <img alt="alternative text" src="default.jpg" />

   alternative <em>text</em>

For DPI/filesize selection I'd prefer something simpler:

<picture src="large.jpg" lowsrc="small.jpg"> <!-- or <source  
high-dpi-href="" or such> -->
   alternative <em>text</em>

as it's going to be very hard to write a media query that takes into  
account various screen sizes, DPI and bandwidth/metering at the same time.

When browser has a high-quality image the cached already, but media query  
for "network-connection: gprs" matches, it would be shame to force it to  
switch to a lousy image.

regards, Kornel Lesi?ski

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