[whatwg] RWD Heaven: if browsers reported device capabilities in a request header

On 2/6/12 3:20 PM, James Graham wrote:
> 1) Same URL structure as the main site

OK, makes sense.

> 2) Less (only citical) information on each screen

Why not do this for the "desktop" version as well?

Alternately, if it's nice to see the information at a glance on desktop, 
why not make the UI such that this information is at the top in both 
versions and the less-critical information is effectively below the fold 
on mobile?  I realize that this may be more work and that there may be 
other constraints here, but it seems like that would be ideal in this 

> 3) No looking up / transfering information that would later be thrown away

Again, this seems to apply to desktop as well.

> 4) Fast => No extra round trip to report device properties

Agreed that this is desirable.

This really does seem like an instance of my bucket #1 ("Why isn't the 
desktop version just like this vastly better mobile one?").


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