[whatwg] Fullscreen CSS

>>> Hm, why would it require stacking-level changes?  One obvious way to
>>> get it to act "correctly" is to make it wrap around the element, like
>>> the old ::outside pseudo-element proposal.  Then it's trivial.
>> The CP says "The dialog and its cover, taken together, are siblings within a
>> new stacking context which is placed above all other stacking contexts."
>> This seems like something new in CSS.
> Oh, whoops, indeed.  Sorry about that, I forgot the CP worked like
> that.  Yeah, I guess we *would* need some changes to the stacking
> algorithm. :/  Some thought needs to go into how much of this should
> be expressed in author-usable CSS and how much should be "magic".

It seems like we shouldn't assume that these are the only two features that will ever need this sort of rendering support. I'll get a www-style thread going.


Received on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 11:20:38 UTC