[whatwg] Fullscreen CSS

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 9:25 AM, Robert O'Callahan <robert at ocallahan.org>wrote:

> Having the rest of the page visible under the fullscreen element is not
> expected and I think we should default to avoiding it. background:black
> seemed like the right thing for video and a reasonable default for other
> kinds of element. Maybe the background:black rule could be at the UA
> not-important level?

Glenn Maynard wrote:

The background: black makes a basic case strange: fullscreening
<div>hello</div> will result in black text on a black background. Maybe
having that on video:fullscreen and maybe img:fullscreen makes sense, but it
doesn't seem right in general.

That's a reasonable point but I'm not sure how to solve it. Making other
page content visible behind <div>hello</div> (which would happen if we just
remove the background rule) is just as unexpected, maybe more so.

-- Maybe we could create a new CSS color meaning "the document background
color (including the fallback color used when the viewport background is
nominally 'transparent')" and use that here?
-- Try a rule ":fullscreen-ancestor >
:not(:fullscreen-ancestor):not(:fullscreen) { display:none; }"? Or
I really want to avoid solutions that require magical new CSS behaviors.

I think "video:fullscreen { background:black; }" seems like a good idea in
any case.

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