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> Sorry for the late reply. Getting to and from TPAC and TPAC itself is
> basically the reason. I hope you understand.

Yeah no worries mate.

About your nested-fullscreen proposal, I do not see how
>  To fix the nested cases, I suggest having a per-document stack of
>> fullscreen elements instead of a single "fullscreen element". [...]
> combines with
>  2.2 Pop the top element off D's fullscreen element stack until the stack
>> is empty or the element at the top of stack is in D
> as supposedly everything on D's stack would be in D.

The element could have been removed from the document while on the stack.

(Apart from ensuring that the fullscreen element is always in the document,
this clause ensures that adding elements to a fullscreen stack can't cause
elements to be leaked. If the fullscreen stack is the only reference to the
element, it must not be in the document, in which case an implementation
can remove it from the stack early since step 2.2 would skip over it

Should D.exitFullscreen not just pop one of D's stack and if that stack is
> empty at that point also clear any descendant document stacks?

That's what I suggested, if elements aren't removed from the document while
on the stack.

(Of course, if the stack is empty you may also need to pop the stack in the
containing document as described in step 2.4.)

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