[whatwg] Proposal for separating script downloads and execution

So, I'm just curious, what do the participants of this thread (and Ian, 
specifically) feel is the most productive next step? We have 3 or 4 
proposals that have all garnered various support. We've had at least one 
browser-developer informing us on concerns with various aspects of each.

I have, at several times throughout this thread, summarized both pros and 
cons for my proposal. I would still like to see the same fairly done for the 
other proposals, so we could get a succinct statement of where each stands. 
Without simple summaries, it feels like the confusion of this thread has 
just overtaken the process and made it more cumbersome than its worth.

At one point in the thread, it felt like there was some trend toward 
convergence, which seemed promising for progress. However, at this point, it 
seems like the more discussion we have, the more divergence we find.

Is it time for this issue to be referred to some formal or informal "working 
group committee" to narrow the field? Is it time to just do some sort of 
democratic voting? Or are the disagreements over the 3-4 proposals simply 
too much for any progress to be made at this time?


Received on Thursday, 3 March 2011 13:53:03 UTC