[whatwg] WebWorkers and images

On 1/14/11 5:42 AM, Jorge wrote:
> Are you sure there's really a "maybe" for methods ?
> Methods' functions have access to (at least) the sender's global context and contexts can't be shared, how to deal with that if not by prohibiting methods ?

We might need some ES spec changes/additions to produce methods that 
would be safe to pass.  I agree that it's not that feasible for now.

(Though with enough hackery it could all be done: the method could sync 
proxy the property access on things that are not on the worker thread to 
the main thread, etc.  It's probably not worth it.)

> WRT to prototypes, to keep it simple, I think .__proto__ should be null, because we can't pass (and make unreachable) things like Object.prototype :-)

So proto is null on the result of the clone; not required to be null on 
the thing being cloned.  Right?


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