[whatwg] [html5] r3859 - [acgiowt] (2) Parser changes: <dc>, <ds>, <dialog> are now treated differently. [...]

whatwg at whatwg.org writes:

> +  <p>The <span class=impl>first</span> <code><a href=#the-dt-element>dt</a></code> element child
> +  of the element, if any, represents the caption of the
> +  <code><a href=#the-figure-element>figure</a></code> element's contents. If there is no child
> +  <code><a href=#the-dt-element>dt</a></code> element, then there is no caption.</p>
> +  <p>The <span class=impl>first</span> <code><a href=#the-dd-element>dd</a></code> element child
> +  of the element<span class=impl>, if any,</span> represents the
> +  element's contents. <span class=impl>If there is no child
> +  <code><a href=#the-dd-element>dd</a></code> element, then there is no caption.</span></p>

I think that last "caption" is supposed to be "content".

Also, the "If there is no" for <dd> is class=impl but the equivalent one
for <dt> isn't.

While proofreading this change I also spotted an inconsistency in the
related example undet the <dd> element:


I think the first class=part-of-speech should be on the <i> rather than
the <dd> (matching the other instances).


Received on Tuesday, 15 September 2009 05:05:03 UTC