[whatwg] origin+path namespacing and security

Adam Barth wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 2:44 AM, Mike Wilson wrote:
> > Ok, that sort of defeats the point as it will not be possible
> > to depend on this security function for HTML5 features released
> > before its appearance in the standard - my idea was that f ex
> > WebStorage would refer to (and require) the new enhanced
> > security model.
> WebStorage has already shipped in several implementations that do
> not implement this enhanced security model.

I'm aware of that, but invention in standards can't stop as soon as 
one vendor publishes their first release based on an unfinished draft.
But yes, you'll have to decide how to deal with browsers based on 
drafts when you depend on something only available in the finished
version, and you expect beta-versions to have impact.

This is an expected part of the "early implementation to give feedback
to standardization" process and there are different ways to address

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