[whatwg] Microdata feedback

On Thu, 15 Oct 2009, Philip J?genstedt wrote:
> Is there a reason why HTMLPropertyCollection.namedItem unlike some other 
> collections' .namedItem don't return an element if there is only 1 
> element in the collection at the time the method is called? Perhaps this 
> is legacy quirks that we don't want to replicate?


> > > It's only in the case where both itemprop and item have a type that 
> > > an extra level of nesting will be needed and I expect that to be the 
> > > exception. Changing the model to something more DOM-tree-like is 
> > > probably going to be easier to understand for many web developers.
> > 
> > I dunno. People didn't seem to have much trouble getting it once we 
> > used itemscope="" rather than just item="". People understand the JSON 
> > datamodel pretty well, why would this be different?
> After <http://blog.whatwg.org/usability-testing-html5>, the recent 
> syntax changes, the improved DOM API and the passage of time I'm not 
> very worried about the things I was worrying about above. If there's any 
> specific point that seems valid after another review I'll send separate 
> feedback on it. Thanks for all the other fixes!

Great! Thanks for the feedback so far. Please do send more if you have 

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