[whatwg] Storage events

On Oct 15, 2009, at 11:37 AM, Jeremy Orlow wrote:

> I'd like to propose we remove the "source" attribute from storage  
> events.  (http://dev.w3.org/html5/webstorage/#the-storage-event)
> In Chrome, we cannot provide access to a window object unless it's  
> in the same process.  Since there's no way to guarantee that two  
> windows in the same origin are in the same process, Chrome would  
> need to always set it to null in order to avoid confusing developers  
> (since what process a page is in is really an implementation detail).

I would guess the main use case for this is to distinguish changes  
from *this* window (the one receiving the event) and changes from  
other windows. Perhaps a boolean flag to that effect could replace  

  - Maciej

> But, as far as I can tell, Safari is the only browser that currently  
> provides this.  I suspect that as other multi-process  
> implementations are developed, they'll run into the same issue.   
> And, even if they can technically provide synchronous access to  
> another processes Window object, there are _very_ strong arguments  
> against it.  So, can we please remove the source attribute from  
> storage events?
> One other question: is the URL attribute supposed to be the same as  
> documentURI or location.href?  I ask because WebKit currently uses  
> the documentURI but if this were the correct behavior, I would have  
> expected the spec to make that more clear.

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